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by Ronald Ferguson © 1999

Preserve my life from dread and fear.
O God, hear my complaint.
For evildoers' counsel reigns -
Hide me, Your prayerful saint.

Their tongues are sharpened like a sword;
They aim their bitter speech.
Concealed, to shoot the blameless ones,
The guiltless lives they breech.

Their evil purpose they hold fast
And strike out fearlessly.
They talk among themselves of snares
That they'll lay secretly.

Injustices do they devise;
They think no one can see.
They draft their plot that's well conceived.
Deep thoughts from inwardly.

But God, an arrow shoots at them;
They're wounded suddenly.
Betrayed they are by their own tongues,
And they will stumbled be.

All men declare the work of God;
Consider what He's done.
The righteous man has refuge glad,
And glories in what's done.

Metre = 8-6-8-6 A-B-C-B
Poem is copyright but may be used for Christian ministry. Please inform me so I know where it might be used.

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