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All God's Creatures

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2019

Have you ever seen a bumble bee
Buzzing around for hours,
Collecting nectar and pollinating?
The Result: honey and flowers.

Have you ever seen a squirrel
Scampering for nuts here and there,
Hiding his food for the winter?
The Result: enough to share.

Have you ever seen a bird
Building her nest in a tree,
Gathering twigs to build up high?
The Result: protection from the enemy.

Have you ever seen a spider
Spinning its web carefully,
Trapping many insects there?
The Result: food supplied daily.

Have you ever seen an ant
Carrying things twice its size,
Digging tunnels in the earth?
The Result: shelter; now that's wise.

God takes care of all His creatures;
He cares much more for me and you.
May we seek Him first and live right;
The Result: needs met; His Words are true.

Matthew 25:13

“Watch therefore, for ye know neither
the day nor the hour wherein the
Son of man cometh.”

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