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Life's Race

by Danette Kettwich

We stand here our hearts are broken
Speechless and full of grief.
Not knowing when our hearts
Will feel this pain's relief

A life that was beginning
Is a life now left behind.
We so much wanted to see
The Mountains you would climb.

To see the man you would be
And the life that you would live.
We see tears when we wanted
To see more of the love you'd give.

We may question God because
We cannot fully understand
How many lives that you touched
Just barely now a man
Many touched by your smirky smile
And lives you're touching still
Only God knows the reasons why
He knows the pain we feel

We know you are safe and sound
You now will feel no more pain
We rejoice knowing one day
We will see you once again.

Even though you'll be missed
You are loved with all our might
You gave life all that you had
You fought a valiant fight.

Now go into God's presence
Into His glorious grace
You've now reached the finish line
In life's eternal race.

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