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The Ransom

by Clinton Herring

Caught in time, the flesh must die
for Adam's sin and mine I cry.

The crushing weight of death you know
from sin and lies and darkness low.

There was no man with strength alive
to intercede with God and strive.

So He Himself did make a way
and win for us a Holy stay.

In flesh He came, the Son of God,
in humbleness and not with rod.

He spoke to us the words of life
to end our sin and daily strife.

He gave to us new hope assured
while ridicule from men endured.

But none of us could understand -
Why He came? To stay God's hand.

For Word of God, it cannot bend,
each soul that sins, its life must end.

How could we know what He would do
to give His life in ransom lieu.

This righteous One, He died for us
while we did rant and rave and fuss.

And now the ransom paid on high,
His life He gave and this is why.

For God the Just - I'm mystified! -
His holy wrath now satisfied,

does see Him there and pardon me,
my soul is now forever free.

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