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God’s Grace Is Everywhere

by Jeanie Malone © 2021

God's Grace Is Everywhere
God's grace is everywhere-
A smile, tear, or warm embrace,
In all this world, in every face.
In the humble and meek,
Or the proud and weak,
At any time in any place,
I see God's grace.

God's grace is everywhere-
With me on my worst of days,
When I can't find my way.
His grace covers a multitude of sin,
For all the wrong I've been in.
I deserve hell yet will see His face.
I deserve His wrath yet live His grace.

God's grace is everywhere-
Giving us hope to endure the worst.
Cleaning us up when we feel cursed.
Helping us love those who are wrong,
Knowing soon we'll join Heaven's throng.
Trusting He loves us beyond our mistakes,
We can see and know God's grace.

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