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The Gift

by Robert Deimel © 2020

It seems the sound of Christmas music, seldom heard today,
Is redolent of times long gone, at least it seems that way;
It all was so uplifting, so cathartic and so pure
I felt my very soul refreshed; it helped me to endure.

The strains of Christmas carols, the angelic melodies,
The carolers whose voices wafted over snowy trees
And scintillating bright repasts where one could hear folks say
"God bless you, Merry Christmas, Christ is born this Christmas Day"....

I relished those uplifting times where everywhere I'd see
The signs of celebration; I felt hope restored in me.
I loved to hear the sounds of bells, the Christmas hymns, the tale
Recalling once again, how we, in Christ, could now prevail.

Sometimes I'd be invited to a party or a ball
Or maybe to a small soiree where folks would come to call.
I loved the camaraderie, the candles and the trees
Bedecked with lights which sparkled in the frigid winter breeze.

But often, as I now recall, those happy Christmas times
Were really only blithesome thoughts or hopes for future times.
The spirit of the season was uplifting, to be sure
But frequently, I was alone, in spite of its allure.

The happy times were realized only when my friends were there
Who gathered all together with a genuine and rare
Outpouring of a very real affection that was shared
By all of us who realized nothing else we knew compared.

I can't explain what happened to the folks I used to know;
We somehow went our separate ways, I never would forgo
The treasure of those valued friends who so embodied love;
They were the very spirit of the Christ who taught us love.

I think of how Christmas cards, the parties and the gifts
Were so encouraging to those included on the lists
Of those who were invited to the gay festivities,
With scintillating dinners, glowing candles, sparkling trees.

I love the signs and attributes of Christmas joy and cheer;
Throughout the world in every land and culture, far and near.
The whole world seems to pause, take notice, change the old routine;
I'm suddenly transposed, transported to a place serene.

I'm gazing on a manger scene, uncomfortable at best,
With cows and sheep and barnyard smells and animals at rest
And there, amidst the lot of them, a couple kneels to pray
And newborn baby Jesus Christ is cradled in the hay!

My God, I realize now that I am most supremely blessed;
I understand what Christmas means, that I'm a chosen guest!
The gift of life is given out, He gave that gift to me;
I realize now I'm sanctified by Christ, eternally!

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