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Wonderful, Isn't He?

by Julie Carro


An ordinary girl, with an ever-yearning heart,
To seek the face of God, for the Truth that He'd impart,
So innocent and pure, she went about her day...
But always took the time, for kneeling down to pray.

Her prayers went up to heaven, God knew she was the one,
To birth the Savior Child; His Only Begotten Son.
A babe like no other, for Salvation He would bring,
Through a sweet and humble servant; a vessel for the King.

Oh, how she must have trembled, when Gabriel appeared,
Saying, You've found favor with the Lord, there is no need to fear.
You will bring forth a Son, as God's Power comes on thee...
Then she humbly bowed her head, saying, "Be it unto me."

Her soul magnified the Lord, and her spirit did rejoice,
In praise to God her Savior, Mary lifted up her voice...
For He that is Mighty, hath done to me great things,
Holy is His Name, JESUS CHRIST, our newborn King!!!


What a miracle of miracles! The fullness of His plan,
Embracing all humanity, as He reached for Mary's hand.
Suddenly! The heavenly host, rejoiced in Jesus' birth!
Oh what a day that must have been, when glory touched the earth!

The God of all creation, stooping down from Heaven's throne,
No greater love is this, that He became our flesh and bone,
Laying down His very life, redeeming us from death,
From the manger to the cross, where He gasped His final breath.

Yet it wasn't over there, for Christ would rise again!
Breaking chains of darkness from bondage, shame, and sin.
For unto us a Child was born, a precious Son was given,
That we may walk with God, in the Light of the Living!

Our Prince of Peace, our Counselor, our Father, and our Friend!
Our Helper, and our Savior, our Deliverer from sin!
We Praise Your Holy Name, with the angels as we sing...
Peace on earth, good will to men...Glory to the King!!!


That He's the same today, as He was in days of old,
This is more than just the history, of the greatest story ever told.
Christ still lives today, when you ask Him in your heart,
And seek the face of God, for the Truth that He imparts.

Let your prayers ascend to heaven; lift up the Holy One,
May His life grow strong within you, as you receive His precious Son,
For He was a babe like no other, for Salvation He will bring,
If you are only willing, to be a vessel for the King!!!

The SAME Power of His Virgin Birth, His Life, His Resurrection,
Is there to overshadow thee, with His complete perfection,
What a miracle of miracles!!! The fullness of His plan,
God of all the Universe, is reaching for YOUR hand.

Let heaven touch the earth, as Christ is born in you,
For all the world to see, the One who's pure and true...
Will you humbly bow before Him, saying, Be it unto me?
Jesus Christ, the Son of God... Wonderful, Isn't He?

Isaiah 9:6
For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given: and the government shall
Be upon His shoulder: and His Name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor,
The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

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