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Sweet Fragrance of Praise

by Julie Carro

Sweet fragrance of praise; the essence of joy,
Released from my soul, as I ponder God's glory.
A heart full of love, that I cannot contain...
Oh dear Lord and Savior, I worship Your Name!

Like a delicate garden, sown with mercy and grace,
My heavenly Father...You have created this place,
With flowers that grow, in every cell of my being,
Each a wonderful mystery, of the love that I'm feeling.

For the seeds you have planted, in the depths of my heart,
And carefully nourished, with much love to impart,
Have flourished and grown with seeds of their own,
From the fullness of joy, in the Word that You've sown.

From the most intricate truths; the flowers of mystery,
To the simplest buds; the beginnings of history,
From the purest white petals, of the birth of salvation,
To the most colorful blossoms, clothed with joy and elation.

You have touched my soul, with every color and hue,
Each glorious seed, displays the wonder of You!
As it grows in the warmth, of the magnificent Son,
Sweetly watered by grace, of the Most Holy One.

Now a beautiful garden, with flowers so rare,
Has filled every corner, with Your mercy to share,
Extending to heaven, more precious than gold,
As sweet fragrance of praise, is released from my soul!

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