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Beware of Idolatry

by Kevin Smead © 2020

Beware of idolatry in all of its forms,
It is all around us each day.
One face in peace, and another in storms,
It manifests in many ways.

The old idolatry, burly and crass,
Appeals to us not very well.
Malformed figures of stone or of brass,
In our modern day often fail.

Today it is "cleaner" for people refined,
Adapted to our modern taste.
Appealing with beauty to those so inclined,
And many run to it in haste.

It comes with a dollar sign, masked as success.
It smells good and promises wealth.
It may come with a suit or elegant dress,
Preaching pleasure, advancement or health.

A version for athletes, another for stars,
And one for those skilled in a trade;
And One for the heir with his houses and cars,
And one for the person self-made.

One for the simple, one for the savant,
Another for folks on the street.
Satan has idols in every haunt,
With them the whole world is replete.

You may think that this warning gives a false sound,
You may think this alarm is uncalled.
You may think these arguments have little ground,
These suggestions may leave you appalled.

Before you too tightly to those notions cling,
And wave this truth off with a nod,
Remember an idol can be anything
You love, fear or trust more than God.

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