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Where were you?

by Royston

Where were you when I laid earth's foundation
and stars sang with angels at creation,
when upon the threshold of time and space
I flung the mighty galaxies into place?

Where were you at the dawning of that day
when firstborn light sped forth upon its way
and into the darkness its' rays disperse
lighting the vastness of the universe?

Woe is me Lord for I am mortal man
and I was not there when the world began.
I saw not those heavenly bodies made
or the acts of creation You displayed.

But now, my soul within me has been stirred
and I was enthralled as I read Your word.
With eyes of faith I saw what You had done
The power of God. The Almighty One.

My spirit sings as I address my praise
To mighty God, the Ancient of Days.
Who was, Who is, and Who will always be.
Before the Beginning and beyond eternity.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.