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Don't Grow Up to be Babies

by Robert Hawkins © 2020

God desires we grow up as he wished for his son,
just as any good parent would do.
We cannot live our life as a baby at one,
or a child who's a terrible two!

If we're spiritually born, we should grow every year,
if we don't, we will spiritually stall;
to work out our salvation with trembling and fear,
while God works out his will in us all.

Be aware that your life will be shaped by your thoughts;
think how Jesus might think, by default.
Regard sin from the stance of an innocent tot's,
​but, then, think like the grown-up adult.

For when I was a child, I would speak like one, too,
and I thought with a childish mind.
But since I've now matured as a man I am through
with those childish ways left behind.

As we uplift our neighbors -- the world thinks it strange;
through God's Spirit -- they've not understood.
You've transformed us -- our mind has completed the change,
shown your will to be perfect and good.

If we're spiritually born, we should spiritually grow,
if we don't, we will spiritually die.
We will spiritually reap what we spiritually sow;
will you spiritually age or stand by?

This poem was a finalist in the June 2020 poetry contest

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