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by Jeff Bidiman

We followed Him up the mountain to pray
When all that He is began to burst through.
His glorious majesty on display,
The splendor within Him steadily grew.

His face soon became as bright as the sun.
His clothes white as lightning flashing at night
And as we beheld the Radiant One,
We woke from our slumber into His light.

Moses appeared, representing the law
And Elijah came for the prophets too.
While they conversed we looked on in awe,
Fearfully wondering what we should do.

Peter unknowingly shouted out loud,
"Let us build shelters for each of you three!"
Yet while he was speaking, there came a cloud
Overshadowing us with brilliancy.

God's heavenly presence fell upon us,
Approving the one the scriptures spoke of,
As everything came together in Jesus;
The Lamb to be slain through unselfish love.

Six days before, He predicted His death,
Yet all that He told us remained concealed.
But then as we tried to gather our breath,
The promise of God was clearly revealed.

"This is my chosen and dearly loved Son,"
God's voice softly thundered into our ears,
"Listen to Him!" He said and was done,
While Jesus remained to calm our fears.

Oh the scriptures foretold within their scrolls,
The glorious servant of suffering
Who was beaten and killed to save our souls
And arise from the grave as Christ our King!

The law and prophets reflected God's light
As His presence swiftly surrounded us,
But the glory of God stood in our sight
And the culmination was marvelous!

I Kings 19

This poem was a finalist in the May 2017 poetry contest

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