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When The Bruising Comes

by Warrior 4Christ

When the bruising comes
From my own foolish ways,
Or from the sharp arrows of others,
Help my lips remain dumb--
Void of flattery or praise,
Or criticism of my brothers.

When the tear drops do not cease
From my blinded, grieving eyes,
And the night is lonely, dark and deep,
Let me exhibit a Spirit of Peace,
A discernment from way-laying lies;
A spiritual awareness that does not sleep.

Let me be gentle, kind, and good;
With Your Inner Spirit's shine.
Though I may feed on Holy crumbs...
Help me to behave bravely, as I should,
That You are pleased to call me Thine
When the bruising comes.

"The Spirit of the Lord has sent Me--to set at liberty them that are bruised."
-- Jesus (Luke 4:18b)

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