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Even To This Mountain

by Warrior 4Christ

"I have led My children onward
Through the Wilderness of Sin,
Through ways lone and twisted,
With enemies hemmed in.

I clave the rock and gave them drink.
I lit their way with cloud and fire.
I fed them with angel's food,
And My Right Arm did not tire.

Onward, upward--teaching them
In all things to obey;
And those, who overcome, will know
I have led them all the way.

Tempting Me, forsaking Me,
I gave them their desire
But, I also brought them discipline
By rod, and death, and fire.

Those who repented, I forgave.
I opened Grace's Fountain.
Like a flock, I--The Good Shepherd
Led them even to this Mountain."

Mount Zion! Great and Glorious!
Her beauty streams with Light.
Heaven's border--God's own Sanctuary
Where all within is Right.

Oh, Shepherd, forgive my wanderings!
Feed me ever with with This Fountain...
That I may rejoice in truth to know
You have led me even to This Mountain!

Rev 21:10-12
And the angel carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and showed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of Heaven from God...

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