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Yes You Are

by Pernell Rodocker © 2012

We see the mountains climbing high into the sky.
We see the waterfalls and the beauty of the streams.
I become overwhelmed His Glory makes me cry.
Young men will see visions and old men will dream dreams.
As I see the Creator, His glorious works in all things.
There is no doubt; a God full of love is He!
His Spirit lives in me forever, wells of life wondrous springs!
Great are the things in his plans waiting for me…

Quietly He speaks full of love and humbly to my heart.

And this is what He says:
Though the mountains climb high you are more majestic than these.
Streams and waterfalls are beautiful, there is nothing like a cool evening breeze.
You may find wonder in visions and be amazed by dreams,
My breath is with in you, you are also my handiwork, it seems!
You enjoy my creations both high and low,
Both far above and in the waters below.
You explore my handy works, a small part of me.
You're created in my image and yet you don't see!
You fail to see the beauty of what I created,
You are wonderfully beautiful yet so underrated!
Don't sell yourself short, or of your faults complain.
You are unique how I made you, yet your tears fall like rain.
Please know I love you just as you are.
Even more than earth's nature, yes, by far!

Once again I am overwhelmed by His words to me!
My insides convulse with His joy leaping, you see!
In writing and sharing this my heart to you,
This is my calling its what I'm to do!

Holding a newborn baby, we're amazed and full of love!
So is our Creator to us, we look to Him above.
He smiles and holds us, His creation, His love…

Yes, you are!

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