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Remember Mother!

by Edward Nickerson

Call it Mother's Day, the eighth day of May,
For the love of all "Mothers", each and every day.
For one day's not enough, to praise once a year,
To love and to cherish, we should hold "O" so dear!
For "Mother is Mother" her families claim to fame,
She often has lost, but sometimes life gains.
For she lives on to love us, take up all the slack,
Giving well of her all, getting so little back.
How deep is her love, how much greater her goal?
She will share of her warmth, taking in all our cold.

For "Mother" loves on, not tied to the day,
Her love so rejected, but in your heart, she'll stay!
Cold shoulder, cold answer, an opinion so cold,
Not returning cold love, no sad heart to hold.
Yet nine months tied together, then you were born,
That day you were gifted, to a mother so warm.
Do you owe her that time, five years, twenty-four seven?
For she saw you a gift, such a wonder from Heaven.
A love unconditional, for those years of your life.
She clothed, fed and changed you, from morning 'til night.

Please stop and remember your mother's great cause,
We still owe her our duty; she was not Santa Claus.
For no matter our thinking, great things she has done,
As a loving young daughter, or her wonderful son.
For mothers love greater, then showing love for one day,
Whether walking beside her, or phoning from far away!
Though flowers are nice, when push comes to shove,
She'd rather have you there, to snuggle in your love!
For "mother is mother," salute her this day!
Hold her deep in your heart, may her love never sway.

Mother works today, yet her minds but a fog,
To serve each one, drawing focus to her job.
Her family treasures, wishing their mom was home.
Perhaps they've grown, and she's feeling so alone.
A doctor, nurse, a blue-collar job that's true,
A waitress, clerk, yet mother all day through.
With disrespect, she's treated so in this age.
Proving all she's worth, this job's her stage.
Yet mother smiles, for today is still her own,
For Mother's Day she'll cherish when she's home.

To mothers today, who's hearts have loved and lost,
We don't know her pain, the tears, nor personal cost.
Her aching heart, that shakes her hurtful bones,
She cries out her tears, when thinking home alone.
But mother's strong, thrown life come what may,
Her name is "Mother" and she'll rejoice now today!
God guides her steps a "virtuous woman He said!"
Lover her dearly, as King Lemuel thought and did.
Her value greater, more precious than purest gold.
Hold her in our hearts, her blessing, her story ever told.

For a mother who's been there to a child that's not hers,
As she watches all the progress, her glad heart greatly stirs.
For a mother still loves, not a biological child's choice.
The attention to their mother, hear their song as they rejoice!
Such conditional warmth, from her heart to her child,
No matter the conditions she opened arms with her smile.
For a mother still loves, when it seems no one will,
With mountains of problems, but a mother loves still.
For down deep in her heart, a "Mothers" great way,
To bless you each one, on this Mother's Day!

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