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With every heartbeat

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Lord Jesus, You are my God;
In You I have faith.
Your kindness, Your gentleness -
They make me great.

You are worthy of praise -
You're my Savior, my Redeemer;
Who lovingly delivered me
From the hand of the deceiver.

You're the strength of my life;
I trust in Your power.
I will bless You, Lord Jesus;
Until my dying hour.

On Your name I'll always call;
Knowing I'll be heard.
Your way, God, is perfect -
Tried and true is Your Word.

My candle You will light, surely
You'll enlighten my darkness.
Your salvation is my shield;
Lord Jesus, You're my fortress.

You're my refuge in the storm;
A shelter from the heat.
"Dear Lord, how I love You!"
My heart sings with every beat.

Lord Jesus, You are my Rock;
My God, so mighty and great.
I will always trust in You -
In You I will always have faith!

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