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The Work

by Clinton Herring

Long ago when time was not,
the world and we but God's good thought,
by love and joy His work begun;
By three the frame of time was hung.
By Father, Son, and Spirit too
each One in three, each one so true.

Then Life gave life in love and toil,
Yes, we began from dust and soil.
The image of God on us did rest,
His mighty hand in joy did bless.
For light & life & Adam came,
then came Eve, her frame the same.

Now Adam chose to trust his foe
and eat the fruit that God said, "No."
and we were cast in death so strong,
enticed by sin we followed the throng.
But God is love, by love came He,
the Son in babe, in flesh to be
The Lamb of God, His blood to shed
and cover my sin, my life to wed.

With scourge of flesh, oh down to bone;
Nails in feet and hands - no groan.
A crown of thorns upon His brow;
In grief and shame and death is how -
new work He did yet greater still
that brings us home by His good will.

He rose from death that could not hold
and lifted up that gruesome load
and cast our sin from east to west
and stripped that devil, that awesome pest
of power he held, the 'ticing sway -
all power, all rule, yes, on that day!

And now it's up to us to chose
His death for ours or we shall lose.
For He's the way, the truth, the life
that ends our sinful daily strife.

In love He broke across all time
and set ours lives and His in rhyme.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2017 poetry contest

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