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Psalm 84

by Robert Hawkins © 2021

​Oh, how lovely is your dwelling place, LORD Almighty!
My soul yearns for the courts of the LORD, how it longs!
With my body, my soul and the whole of my being
I will shout to the living God my joyful songs.

​Yea, the sparrow has even found home in your dwelling,
and the swallow a nest for herself and her young --
in a place near your altar, my King, LORD almighty.
Blessed who dwell in your house; there, your praise ever sung.

Greatly favored and blessed is the man you have strengthened,
in whose heart has his urge to see Zion remains.
For the Valley of Tears will become springs refreshing,
where its pools have been blessed with the sweet autumn rains.

​They continue in strength, getting stronger and stronger,
until all before God there in Zion appear.
O Jehovah, LORD God of the Heavenly Armies,
hear my prayer that I pray, God of Jacob, give ear.

See our shield, God, and favor the one you've anointed.
For one day in your courts beats a thousand misspent.
I would much rather tend to the door of your dwelling
than a pleasure-filled life in a wicked man's tent.

For the LORD God's our sun and our shield is Jehovah;
the LORD gives us his grace while his goodness shines through
to the ones who are blameless and walk in perfection.
LORD of Hosts, oh what joy for those trusting in you.

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