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Only Once, But No More

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2019

I once was condemned;
I had not believed.
God showed me mercy;
Now, Christ, I've received.

I once was unclean;
Filthy because of sin.
God washed me in His blood;
Now, I'm cleansed within.

I once was blind,
Wandering aimlessly.
God opened my eyes;
Now, I clearly see.

I once was hopeless;
The Broadway my fate.
God showed me the Way;
Now, my path is Strait.

I once was imprisoned;
Bound by my own sin.
God has loosed my bonds;
Now, I'm born again.

I once was lost;
No desire to be found.
God sought and saved me;
Now, I'm Heaven bound.

Only once, but no more,
Was I lost and undone.
Now, I've eternal life,
Because of God's Son.

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