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Psalm 68

by Robert Hawkins © 2021

Now, rise up, God, arise! May his enemies scatter;
let those hating God flee from his presence in fear.
Just as smoke blows away, or as wax melts in fire,
before God, so the wicked will all disappear.

But the righteous -- they're glad, they'll rejoice in God's presence;
let them shout with a jubilant, loud, joyful voice.
Sing to God, and his name, he who rides through the desert;
for his name is the LORD -- now, exult and rejoice!

​To the fatherless, he is much more than a father,
to the widow: defender, protector and aid --
this is God, who is dwelling in his holy heaven.
For the lonely and homeless, a home will be made,

God will lead out the chained into prosperous freedom;
but the wicked will live in a scorched and dry land.
God, when you led your people in mercy from Egypt,
when you marched with your own through a wasteland of sand,
Selah [Interlude]

the earth shook, heaven rained down God's goodness and presence,
even Sinai felt God's hand in Israel's care.
You sent showers of blessings, O God, in abundance,
to refresh your exhausted inheritance there.

When the word of the LORD came,​ an army of women
then went forth to proclaim and announce the good news:
"Kings of armies and warriors have fled! Now the women
​in their home can divide up the spoil as they choose.

Even you who are found to be sleeping in sheep pens
can be beautiful treasures and gems to behold;
like the wings of a dove that are covered in silver,
with its feathers and pinions as shimmering gold."

When the Almighty scattered the kings there in Canaan,
then the ground on Mount Zalmon was covered with snow.
For a mountain of God is the mountain of Bashan,
where it's many-peaked summits are seen far below.

​Rugged mountains, why gaze on with envy at Zion?
For this hill is the one where God chose for his reign.
God's own chariots number in thousands of thousands;
on Mount Sinai, among them, the LORD will remain.

You ascended on high to your ultimate glory,
taking with you your numerous captives as well;
you received gifts from men -- even those who were stubborn,
where the LORD God Almighty among them might dwell.

Bless the LORD who sustains us each day that we see;
even God, our salvation and helper is he.
Selah [Interlude]

For our God is a God who delivers salvation,
and the LORD, his escape from sure death will provide.
Surely God will crush skulls of the ones who oppose him,
and the hairy-crowned scalps of those walking in pride.

Says the LORD, "I will bring and return them from Bashan,
from the depths of the sea will my foes then be brought.
And your feet, in your enemies' blood, will be wading;
even dogs with their tongues will have lapped up their lot."

I have seen, God, the crowds for your mighty processions
as they march to your temple, my God and my King.
With the singers in front and musicians who follow,
with the maidens who play tambourines in between.

Bless you God in the great congregation of people;
those descending from Israel's fount, praise the LORD's name.
Look, the small tribe of Benjamin, leading and ruling;
​​​and then Judah, Naphtali, and Zebulun came.

For your God has commanded your strength that is mighty;
show your power, O God, just as you used to do.
Since your temple is inside Jerusalem's city,
kings will bring in their tributes and presents for you.

Now rebuke all these beasts in the reeds​ where they're dwelling,
and the bulls with the people -- the calves, that they are!
Make them humble and crawl back with tributes of silver;
and then scatter the nations delighting in war.

Then the envoys and princes will come out from Egypt;
Cush will quickly reach out to God with her hands raised.
Sing to God, O you kingdoms. Sing, all round the world;
Play and sing to his name, for the LORD will be praised.
Selah [Interlude]

​Sing to him who is riding across ancient heavens;
and behold how his thundering voice fills the sky.
Over Israel his power is great and majestic,
with his strength in the clouds of his heavens on high.

He is awesome and fearsome from his sanctuary --
he is God of all Israel, he's to be awed!
For he gives us his power and strength to his people.​
We will praise you forever! Oh, praise be to God!

Your procession has come into view, O God--
the procession of my God and King as he goes into the sanctuary.
Singers are in front, musicians behind;
between them are young women playing tambourines.
Psalm 68:24-25

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