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Christ is Risen

by Kevin Smead © 2018

Jesus paid the price for sin,
He died for us and rose again.
He made in death for death a cure��"
In Christ our victory is sure.
No longer souls need be enslaved;
All who believe in Him are saved.

Christ has risen from the dead;
He is the church’s vital head.
We live because he lives in us;
He is the source - in Him we trust.
We have new hope, we have new joy;
We have so much death can’t destroy.

New life into this world infuse:
Christ has risen ��" spread the news.
Christ lives on ��" He is at large
To bless the humble free of charge.
Call souls out of their unbelief:
“Come to the Savior for relief.”

Christ is the first-fruits of the grave;
The way for all the saints He paved.
Like Him to glory we shall rise;
And, risen, meet him in the skies.
By every race and tribe adored,
O’er death and hell Christ is the Lord.

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