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by Peter Fraser © 1998

The wicked man spends his time on Earth,
Vocal and arrogant, justifying his worth.
But his ways and his actions are corrupt to the core,
If they don't change for good, his destruction is sure.

His hatred of all that is right and is good,
Hangs over his head like the grim reaper's hood.
It is aimed at all those who stand in his way,
And lands fully on those who have had their say.

His pride makes him strong, no wrong can he do,
But Hell's fire, like manure, is stuck to his shoe.
The boasts and the bluster for all who will hear,
His stories he tells so all men will revere.

Open faced lies are his weapons of war,
But the Lord who sees all is keeping the score.
He'll use them to twist and to gain your trust,
And when push becomes shove, your bubble he'll bust.

The filth from his mouth forms a verbal sewer,
But with each idol word, his days become fewer.
The curses and swearing make him one of the boys,
Blaspheming is a pastime of which he enjoys.

His heart is perverted, he is God's gift to Women,
Each sin fans the fires in which he'll be swimmin.
He says adultery and harassment are his day to day life,
If he's not telling lies, then he's in for some strife.

With the words of his mouth he back-stabs and bites,
But for judgement and death he is in the Lord's sights.
His gossip is fowl from one to another,
Turning friend against friend and brother against brother.

Like a fisher he baits with a hook or a net,
But God sees his poverty and will collect the debt.
Persecution he heaps upon children of peace,
The flow of his venom is strong without cease.

I hope that a change comes over your heart,
That causes evil to flee, and goodness to start.
The alternative is bad, your fall will be swift,
Between God and yourself, an eternal rift.

How many wicked people do you know? I know a few, most of which don't even know they are wicked, but some do, and they display all the above mentioned character traits. Keeping
in mind that nobody is exempt from the Word of God, we must remember that if these people don't turn to God, then they will be cut off as payment for their iniquity. No matter how much we hate the evil deeds of these people, we have to make certain we don't hate them, and give them the chance to make a decision for Christ, or risk bringing destruction on ourselves.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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