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by Ronald Ferguson © 1997

When we are distressed, and feeling alone,
With skies darkened grey, and peace gone from home,
When doubts may arise; your prospects look dim,
There's comfort in God - cast all care on Him.
His hand will hold fast; His mercy and care,
Will well support you, your troubles to bear.
"With you forever!" was His promise great,
Now take it on board, and to it relate.

Forget not this fact, that Jesus on high,
Once lived here on earth when troubles were nigh;
His soul was distressed, temptations endured,
And then on the cross, salvation secured.
He's your Great High Priest; in heaven He serves;
He understand you when frayed are your nerves;
When pain, loss and hurt come crashing on you,
You'll find then in Him, an Advocate true.

This poem is free to share but copyright is retained by the author and must be acknowledged if the poem is used. Do not use in commercial publications without approval.

This poem was a finalist in the August 2021 poetry contest

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