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The Child of the past

by Royston © 2020

I see you crying and I feel your tears,
the sorrow and anguish of so many years.
Such senseless abuse and wanton ill treatment
of someone so young and so innocent!

Oh child of my past and source of my tears
ever with me throughout all of my years.
Bearer of memories of poignant kind
buried deep in the recesses of my mind.

What can I do and whatever can I say
these wounds go so deep and won't go away?
Holding me captive they won't let me go
no matter how hard my sobs and tears flow.

Vivid memories of horror and fear
flood through my mind whenever you appear.
Child of the past and troubler of my soul
please grow up, so that I can become whole.

Then I heard Jesus say, "We'll work it through,
for I will hold the hand of the child in you.
This child of the past is seeking release
wanting to be loved and yearning for peace."

"For you are My child and you walk with Me
and I am so willing to set you free.
Together we will be able to face
those horrors from the past in loves embrace."

With great sobs and sighs the child in me cried
as the horrors and fears began to subside,
as the child and me became one again
and the nightmares vanished with the pain.

The child and me were safe in His embrace
while the healing of my soul had taken place.
Tenderly and firmly held in Jesus' arms,
we'd been protected from damage and harm.

Jesus held close to His heart the child in me,
and His wonderful love had set me free.
For that child that kept coming from the past
was healed and fulfilled and knew peace at last.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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