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Time, Chance, and Death

by Justice Friesen

Time moves quickly,
and with him comes decay.
Chance rewards the wickedly,
and evil wins the day.
Death watches closely,
and stands in wait for the end.
Who can live in a reality that is no friend?

Is there no Man above this,
He who lives in the truth?
Why does good fall into the abyss,
Some children never leave youth.

Are we condemned to the fires of hell,
Or are we there already?
Are the living cast under a spell,
A potion ever so deadly?

No Man is ever truly free,
For he lives under these rules.
There is no escaping this decree,
Those who deny are fools.

What are we to do?
How are we to go on with our lives?
Can life mend what is true,
Or is death the only way to survive?

Am I to point you to true religion,
Or to a dying world without gods?
Am I to point you to a grander vision,
Perhaps Zeus striking out with a lightning rod?

Or am I to say perhaps a fish walking with legs,
Just an accident in history's breath?
Are we doomed to die no matter how we beg,
Is the fate of Man always death?

Time will continually march on,
The beginning is far gone.
It is written that this is our fate,
And dust is all we await.

Gambling is no friend of ours,
True with every passing hour.
Innocence is lost to circumstance,
And we lose our favor with chance.

Death is a beast nocturnal,
And the grave awaits eternal.
Gods above with all their power,
Could not save this wilting flower.

So I ask you again,
How are you to continue?
To the world of men,
What is within you?

I have but one answer to this question,
One and truly ever only one,
It is rather a helpful suggestion,
To a reality undone.

There is a man of Galilee,
Condemned to a cross.
Nailed to a rotting tree,
An innocent life lost.

I have seen His agony,
Who was He to commit this tragedy?
A body made of the bread,
Tell me, is He truly dead?

I have seen the reality we discuss.
What pain it brings me.
That children will die before us,
That slaves will never be free.

So when I speak of this Man,
I am not some kind of fool!
As if I am a joke that never began,
Or some empty gods tool!

I speak of a Man who is above all,
Who defeated the writing on the wall.
Who came to this reality we face,
Who ended the agony of this place.

You say that He is a fraud,
You say that He is no God.
Is he something of fantasy,
A false spiritual ecstasy?

I say to you He is not,
You are wrong.
In this reality we've all fought,
He is our song.

So crawl back to your Darwin's,
To your empty gods of nature,
You will never win,
On this eternal wager.

The Man of Galilee awaits thee,
In this reality of pain.
He has come to set us free,
To remove the chain.

Know this freedom from fear,
the night will pardon us of its demons,
the water will forever be clear,
Justice will be given its heathens.

The salt will change the taste,
the corrupt will flee with haste,
No heart will ever forebode,
With whose coat we have borrowed.

I hope you meet His glance,
That you see the sun at dawn,
So that time, death, and chance,
will forever disappear, and be gone.

Pro Illis Qui Postulo Scio, Propter Est Indignus

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