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by Cheryll MayberrySmith © 2007

Thankful for eyes that behold God's creation.
Thankful for the gift of my salvation.
Grateful for legs, and arms and hands
That comprise this human body so grand.
I appreciate food placed upon my table.
And a lasting marriage that's blessed and stable.
Delighted with family and friends so dear.
For their prayers, support and love sincere.
Thankful for the Bible and a mind to comprehend,
God's perfect plan from beginning to end.
Thankful for answered prayers and God's direction.
For happiness, wisdom and His protection.
For healing and comfort from life's frequent grief.
Or blue summer skies and fall's golden leaf.
For babies that smile and birds on the wing.
Thankful for every marvelous thing.
Yet of all that I may treasure and adore,
'Tis Jesus Christ I am most thankful for!

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