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Faith Of A Child

by Cheryll MayberrySmith © 2020

"Do not forbid the little children to come unto me,"
Jesus said to the crowd as a child sat on His knee.
"For of such is the kingdom within My heavenly throne.
The faith a little child has is the most precious I've known.
Unless you have such a faith, the kingdom will be denied.
For little babes have perfected praise and are drawn to My side.
Anyone who would hurt a child, it would be better for him,
To have a stone tied around his neck and tossed into the sea so grim!
Train up a child in the right way. Be determined to never quit.
And when that child is older, He will not depart from it."
Jesus kissed and blessed the children. He admired their loyalty,
For even in their innocence, they recognized His Deity.

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