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The Children Of Light

by Mark Spencer © 2021

He came to testify to you,
That you not walk as others do.
A prisoner of Christ was he,
A messenger of unity.

A Greek physician was his scribe,
Who penned epistles for each tribe.
For the Ephesians Paul would say:
Be no more children, tossed this way.

Abandon disobedience!
Love virtue, not expedience.
Be wise, and seek God's Holy Light,
And know His will is just and right.

Those still asleep - rise from the dead.
For this is why your Savior bled.
Let righteousness shape all you do
So Christ can give His light to you!

Reject the path of infamy.
It was paved with iniquity.
But Jesus walked another road,
Where virtues were the seeds He sowed!

Salvation was our gift from Christ,
The day our Lord was sacrificed!
Through His blood we are fortified.
In faith, let all be unified.

Do not pursue the call of sin,
Speak truth and love unto your kin.
For crafty is the viper's tongue.
It will beguile both old and young.

It shall not cease until the end,
Its edicts carried on the wind.
So give no power to deceit,
A thieving hand will know defeat.

But those who seek Salvation's grace,
Will, one day, look upon His face,
And know the measure of His gift;
As earthly vise is set adrift.

So cast aside iniquity.
Be kind with all sincerity.
Put sin forever out of sight.
As you become children of light!

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