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A Joyous Flight

by Kevin Smead © 2021

The world and all that many hold so dear,
With its losses which so many people fear,
Is passing and shall soon cease to exist,
At least in any form which now consists.

Only things unseen, the spiritual, shall last.
All other things are worthless by contrast.
Yet all the useless things that won't endure,
Are still pursued and makes our souls impure.

But as we grow in faith and hope and love,
We turn our eyes to heavenly things above.
The temporal things, the shadows, lose their pull,
and with the things of God we will be full.

So plant your feet upon the solid ground.
See to it that your heart and faith are sound.
And when the day of life shall turn to night,
Your soul unburdened makes its joyous flight.

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