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by Ronald Ferguson © 2020

I was watching an insect zapper the other day,
One designed for mosquitoes and flies and the odd moth.
The bright mesh within the barred enclosure showed the way.
The attraction ended with insects as mutant froth.

The enticement was too great, and each one's fate was sealed
With a quick electric buzzing, and a brilliant flash.
On the electrical matrix, they were left congealed.
The insects' lives had ended with a once headlong dash.

The insect zapper was designed to allure pests,
Unwanted ones that come at night, our comfort to snatch.
A frying sound and smell deals with vermin that infests
Our summer evenings, annoying insects, hard to catch.

Zapped and gone! As quick as that, much to our great relief.
There is a sadder lesson here, one that we can apply:
The lives of those insects named, is often very brief,
But think of people when Satan prowls to sneak nearby.

The devil is the great deceiver in secret guise.
He considers us as insects, worthless, to be zapped,
He leads people into sin then launches his surprise;
Then like those unsuspecting insects, find themselves trapped.

Satan hated the perfection of God's handiwork,
And set about with fervour to bring it all to ruin.
With cunning, he meticulously plans the groundwork
To destroy humanity, like insect corpses strewn.

People caught in sin are zapped, exposed, then held in shame.
Satan's snare is alluring, brightly lit, but deadly.
Often people don't realise their sin is not a game;
Drawn in, impelled by desire, then zapped decidedly.

God does not zap people except his worst enemies,
Such as we will see at Armageddon's great warfare.
Those who rise up against Israel, Satan's devotees,
Will know the wrath of God in their very worst nightmare.

Zapped and gone! And true in the sense of cleansing the earth.
The devil himself will be thrown into the lake of fire;
In the end, no more than an insect will he be worth;
Zapped and gone from human existence in God's pyre.

Metre - 13 throughout A-B-A-B

This poem must not us used without the author's permission. I am happy for its use in Christian work but want to know where it goes.

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