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I Didn't Know

by Clinton Herring © 2022

How could I know when I was young
And couldn't speak in any tongue
There was a God who created all,
With court of Heaven, and majestic hall?

My early years were filled with fun
When I could walk and then could run.
I didn't know to seek His name.
I hadn't heard His majestic fame.

I grew and did whatever I pleased
While life came easy as a breeze.
I had a sense of right and wrong
But never stayed with right for long.

His law I failed so many times.
I didn't realize my crimes.
I didn't know that sin brought death
To every living one with breath.

Then one day His truth I heard,
My conscience now within was stirred.
The soul that sins, it shall die!
With truth came guilt and I would cry!

But He with mercy spoke to me.
His light within gave sight to see.
His blood He shed upon a cross
To take my sin and cleanse my dross.

Then joy came flooding in my soul,
New life came in to fill that hole!
So now I live though flesh will die.
I'm chosen yet I know not why?

Many will die and never see
That life with Him is forever free!
So I now speak and tell my story
With hope others will find His glory.

Please hear and know you can be free
From sin and death just like me.
Just ask Him in your heart today.
He'll come right in and forever stay.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2022 poetry contest

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