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How Often Have You Come to Me?

by O Inkpen

I snatched stuff shiny upon the Earth
And asked the gods, what is this worth?
Retorts and smiles came to their faces
To you, to us, or in these places?

'Twas then I knew there must be more
My pockets full but wretched poor
I set my course for a beacon bright
On a golden shore into the light

I left those gods on that dim lit shore
Their seductive lies I hear no more
My beacon beckons over tossing foam
And I veer to keep my heading, home

Wary and weary, no more I'll stray
I've seen the light; I've come to stay
I'll kneel and bow to get your grace
For you forgive what I can't erase

God pardon me like a prodigal son
Forgive my debt though I've payments none
Grant me sweet relief dear Lord today
And a soul to serve; show me the way

Lord help me heed when you call on me
With a heart to hear and a will to see
Find faith that's strong when times are tough
And a prayer to say when I've had enough

When day is done and my work here over
And they lower me down beneath the clover
I'll sleep in peace and await the day
When You call me out; it's then I'll say

God pardoned me like a prodigal son
Forgave my debt though I'd payments none
And in sweet relief each passing day
I sought to serve; He showed the way

This poem was a finalist in the December 2020 poetry contest

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