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Answers In God's Time

by Deborah Smith Plemmons © 2019

Lord, I know You teach me to pray,
And I pray to You every day.
Sometimes, I don't feel You are nigh,
And my prayers don't get very high.

I ask for things I don't quickly receive;
Some trials I face, there's little reprieve.
I look for Your answers today,
But Your answers come another day.

God, what is wrong that I should doubt?
To believe is what it's all about.
"Ask, believing, and ye shall receive";
Doubts and fears are there to deceive.

Praying to You, my Father, above;
You're there to hear my prayers with love.
I may not understand all Your ways,
But I'll give You honor, glory, and praise.

Asking, confessing, and thanking,
Are what I do, when I'm praying.
Thanking You, God, for all Your goodness;
Confessing sins; receiving forgiveness.

Asking 'In Jesus' name', when I pray,
Is how You want me to pray each day.
I pray that Your will be done, not mine;
I'll trust You to answer in Your time.

It may be a 'yes', a 'no', or 'wait';
In Your hands are my life and my fate.
I believe that You, Lord, know what's best.
I'll pray to You; You'll take care of the rest.

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