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by RACHEL Kaufmann

They say all arose from chaos, life from chance and change.
That eons marching onward ,created living things.

They say life has no meaning, no hope beyond the grave.
That life is like the ebb tide, like crested crashing wave.

It is but for a moment, the twinkling of an eye.
As flashes forth the lightning, so swift life passes by.

They claim it's all subjective, truth only what we say.
There are no moral standards , no God man should obey.

They say there is no evil, its all a preachers lie,
Lighten people's pockets , promise bliss beyond the sky.

They sow the wind with relish, how wide they strew the seed.
Yet when they reap the whirlwind, then are dismayed indeed.

They mock the One who made them, endowed them with a mind,
They turn from their Creator, how blind they are how blind.

God it was who made us, set the heavens in their place,
And God it was who measured, the length and bredth of space.

His finger drew the pattern , divided day from night,
His hand sustains nature , guides the planets in their flight.

He created all that is, the universe so grand,
He made the mighty oceans, He counts each grain of sand.

The grave it could not hold Him, death had lost its power,
He who made all nature, before it need not cower.

He laid down the laws that govern, set the bounds of time,
He died and rose triumphant, reality sublime!

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