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by Ronald Ferguson © 2022

Now the new year begins!
Will it result in tears?
Or magnify one's fears?
Or increase the world's sneers?
Invite the scoffers' jeers?

We know not what a day may bring.
Will we, with God's help, maybe sing?
Maybe know persecution's sting?
Or engage in some worthwhile thing?

The world enters this troubled year
With uncertainty on its mind:
The threat of China on one hand;
And more problems of any kind.

What of the virus raging on
That has destabilised the world?
What more abuses of freedoms
Can against decency, be hurled?

Who can stop the poverty deaths?
What nations even want to try?
Injustice is so endemic,
That nations want to pass it by.

The reason sorrows so abound,
Are men's sins that cause distress.
All of man's wretchedness and hate,
In wickedness, he will express.

Is this what we'll look forward to
In the new year that has commenced?
Where is the calm and happiness
We hoped for us, would be dispensed?

We all want joy and peace in life,
But what does reality say?
Threats of wars and discord we hear
From nations, that have lost their way.

Governments have embraced chaos,
As they see ahead, no clear road.
Confusion rules their decisions,
And stupidity weighs their load.

This is a world of sorrows great.
Prophetically, they won't decrease.
These last days are difficult times
Where more lawlessness will increase.

The world is fragile; that we see,
But God holds it in full control.
We may not like what may come soon,
Or what evils over us roll.

In this new year, what of God's own?
How are they expected to live
In a sinful, difficult world,
When to the Lord, the best they give?

They will need their full commitment,
For gone are the days of pretence.
This hardened world will persecute
God's children, judged as "an offence".

Christians hope for the Lord's return;
Maybe He is coming this year;
Our blesseĀ“d hope most people spurn,
The coming of the Lord draws near.

O Christian, rise up to the fight!
Put on the armour of witness,
And stand for the Lord in the light.
Grow your spiritual fitness!

One thing for certain; this we know -
Darker and tougher, days will get.
Mercy and grace from heaven flow,
Then relish them with no regret.

Two thousand and twenty-two's here.
Without Christ you have no true ground.
When troubles come how will you stand?
Without Christ no place can be found.

Give your life to Jesus Christ now.
Make this new year, your new life's start.
Nothing will be grander or blessed,
'till Jesus Christ has claimed your heart!

Copyright reserved
Metre = 8 throughout A-B-A-B

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