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Never Far from His Hand

by Bob Peterson

With His teaching all said, and the five thousand fed,
Jesus sent the crowds all away.
To His disciples instead, He said, "Row on ahead,
While I go up the mountain to pray."

The trip started alright, as day slipped into night.
But soon a storm came to blow.
It became so severe that they soon came to fear,
They'd be joining the fish down below.

The disciples were rowing, but the way was hard going,
For the wind against them was strong.
They were hoping their boat would just keep them afloat,
When things got seriously wrong.

Grim was their plight in the dark of the night.
And they were still miles from the coast.
Then what should there be coming over the sea,
But the shimmering light of a ghost.

Shaking in fright of the bright ghostly light,
The disciples thought their end was near.
Then a voice they all knew said, "Peace be to you.
Take courage and know I am here."

They were rubbing their eyes, that were wide with surprise,
As over the waves Jesus walked.
The disciples, well they, didn't know what to say,
So just stood there looking foolish and shocked.

Then Peter on cue, said, "Lord if it's you,
Call me to come to your side."
Jesus said to him, "Come" and though shaking some,
Peter stepped from the boat to the tide.

The water he found was firm as the ground.
So, he walked with a quickening pace.
Though the waves round him rolled, still onward he strode.
With his eyes locked upon Jesus' face.

Then in Peter's head, the voice of doubt said,
"Just look at the storm all around.
You know you can't float. Get back in the boat!"
And Peter began to sink down.

"Save me," He cried, looking quite terrified.
And calmly Jesus lifted him out.
Christ drew him up near, whispering into his ear,
"Where's your faith Peter? Why did you doubt?"

To the boat Jesus led. "Be still" He then said,
And a calm settled over the sea.
The disciples that day, saw Christ in a new way.
And knew that God's Son He must be.

No trouble we face, worry, sin, or disgrace,
Is beyond our God's loving care.
No matter the fear, just as long as He's near,
We'll never have need to despair.

The path yet ahead may be one that we dread,
But His strength can help us to stand.
Even if we may stray, and there lose our way,
We are never far from His hand.

Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14:22-33)

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Book by Bob Peterson

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