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Snatched Away

by Peter Marks © 2021

Blandly it's filled with normal things.
It's like any dull, ordinary day,
Our lives are given to this time.
The cloudless empty sky is mute - there is nothing it wants to say.

No flames of fire rest on our heads.
No bright angels sublimely sing,
In the clutter of our small lives,
We never saw it on this day - this sudden coming of our King.

Then, this reality melts away,
We're called to our Saviour's side.
To vanish into eternity.
The long delayed Groom has now come - for His waiting astonished Bride.

Why now Lord? Why not another day?
We've left so many things undone.
Too late now, our time has been spent.
The rewards we could have earned - we have never really begun.

But those who laboured in the heat;
Who went and reaped the ripe harvest.
Their work is done and You will say:
Come now my weary, faithful friends - enter into my promised rest.

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