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Dead man walking

by Mbwara Thompson

I hear growling and howling
words beyond understanding
Dead man approaching
headed to Golgotha, not withstanding.

Having a reputation of vigor and zest
claiming vitality
But dead on the inside, stone dead
just dry bones in actuality.

No utter of heartbeat
no wave of emotions
Total insensibility to Jehovah
ignorance in notion.

Mobility with no direction
what a souless profession
How can one put up activities from without
with no comprehension.

Addicted to flesh alone
having no sense of control
But Holy Spirit wants fruits
He wants fruits and not flesh rolls.

Biting and dragging over to the land
The land of the dead
What expression of inhumanity
this has become a daily bread.

Man sees and is astonished
"Oh what perfection"
God sees and is like
"Zombies no!! ", in objection.

What exactly does God think
should be the concern
Dead man walking or whatever
He would surely discern.

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