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I’ve Known You Forever

by Robert Hawkins © 2004

I’ve known you forever -- before you were made.
Before the foundations of earth had been laid;
before any oceans or lands were defined,
I numbered the beats of your heart I designed.

I made you in secret -- in your mother’s womb;
I formed you in love by the light of the moon.
Before you inhaled the first breath that you took,
I numbered the days of your life in my book.

All nations -- all peoples -- I’ve made every one;
I know every footstep and deed that’s been done.
I want you to want me whoever you are.
Endeavor to find me -- I’m not very far.

You’ve been in my arms since the day of your birth;
I’ll carry you home when you leave from this earth.
I am your creator -- your purpose is mine.
I’ve known you forever and loved you since time.

This poem won first place for the February 2020 poetry contest

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