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Behold, the Man

by Robert Hawkins © 2003

He hung each star and planet -- now hangs on splintered wood
He washed the feet of others -- now His are bathed in blood
He called Himself, Good Shepherd -- this sacrificial Lamb
Behold, this Jewish drifter -- was Israel’s great I AM

Condemned to die, yet blameless -- convicted on a whim
He cured the blind with spittle -- but now they spit on Him
Was called a friend of sinners -- on either side, a thief
Behold, the Man of Sorrows -- acquainted with much grief

The One who healed so many -- can’t move His hands or feet
He offered life eternal -- but dies now in the heat
The Son of God Almighty -- though He was virgin-born
Behold, the Rose of Sharon -- now wears a crown of thorns

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