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Stay the Course

by Robert Deimel © 2020

I am the captain of my ship, I don't control the seas.
I do not choose the skies above nor create gentle breeze.
I choose the heading of my ship; I set the sails and chart the course
But I can't quell the angry waves nor calm the storm's prodigious force.

I am the captain of my ship, its course is mine to choose,
But I'll not feign to help decide the plans my God will use.
I sail, unknowing, what's beyond the next horizon; still,
Of this I'm sure, my ship and I are safe within His will.

I am a servant of my God, His word I shall obey;
I pray for guidance, strength and grace that I will not betray --
-- Betray His trust which He has placed in me to do my part;
I know not how, I only know it's written on my heart....

That not by strength nor by my faith but by His faith in me
My purpose in the life I live will serve eternally.
I know not when the swells will rise nor when, becalmed, I'll stay
Unmoved by glassy seas when ne'er a breeze is felt all day.

At times, the winds will grip my sails and send my ship to port
As if by some demonic will I'm coerced to abort
The route I'd set to reach my goal; I can't defeat such force
But currents change, the winds subside, and then I'm back on course.

My God ordained the summer heat and frigid winter chill;
He chooses when the swells rise up and orders them "Be still."
I hear the sounds of masts and beams which strain against the wind and swells;
I listen to the gentle breeze at eventide and at ships bells.

My awesome ship with three stout masts, imposing while in port,
At sea seems Lilliputian, and I think, "Could I resort
To sailing this, my world class ship, which seems at sea to be
A child's ball or kitten's toy midst mountains made of sea?"

I sail the oceans vast and deep beneath the star-filled sky
A thousand miles away from port I'll stay the course, and I --
Though vexed by sudden winds or gales, or icy winter's chill --
I'll sail secure as long as I'm within my Savior's will!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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