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The Butterfly Alphabet

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

Butterflies flutter around, they go from flower to flower;
Drinking the nectar of life, simply enjoying their short hour.
Dancing specks of color, a real pleasure to look at -
Little gems God invented especially, to make our hearts glad.
Their colorful wings of fine silk are ever so delicate;
Hand-painted by the Master, with a design most intricate…
And here is something amazing many people know not:
Every butterfly has on its wings the fingerprint of God!
Not only do their patterns come in every imaginable hue;
They also feature our alphabet - yes, it's really true!
All twenty-six letters, and the numbers zero through nine
Can be found on their wings; proof of creation Divine.
God smiled when He made butterflies, He took a minute to think;
And then, paint-brush in hand, our Creator gave us a wink.

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