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“I Am with you always”

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

When life brings us a storm, or a difficult trial;
God's number is the one we can always dial.
He made an everlasting promise, in His Word;
To be with us until the end of this world.

Jesus feels our pain, He sees all our tears;
He understands our struggles, and our fears.
In every situation, it matters not how dire;
He holds our hand as we walk through the fire.

Jesus guards our soul, He protects us from evil;
He gives unfailing strength to those who are feeble.
He answers our prayers, even before they're finished,
And daily He offers us new grace and forgiveness.

Though we can't see Him, with our limited sight;
He is with us always, surrounding us with Light.
His Holy Spirit whispers lovingly in our ear;
To comfort us, and to reassure us: The Lord is near.

We must be brave, this life is full of tribulation;
Yet we can rejoice in the God of our salvation.
Our Good Shepherd is working 'round the clock;
To bring back home safely every sheep of His flock.

He has prepared for us a truly wonderful place;
Where all through eternity we may behold His face.
There will be no more pain, no sorrow, no sighs;
And God will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

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