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by TRock

A precious life ends, disaster strikes,
as unbearable pain creeps in, we try
To identify all the reasons, questioning fate,
and asking the one true God why

How could it happen, so terrible a thing,
when He possesses the power to intervene
What purpose does it serve to have a God
who would be so heartless and so mean

Letting darkness and evil win over good
goes against everything, as taught
Does it matter; church, praying, being saved,
sometimes it all seems for naught

We all face many life trials, and in weakness;
we will be made stronger
But there are things so bad it makes some feel
they don't want to live any longer

It is difficult for loved ones to understand;
to accept that there is a greater-plan
That life is temporary, and heaven awaits those
who believe and take His hand

A hand that brought pain to Himself
when He gave His only Son to die for our sins
A Son who also suffered greatly for a higher purpose,
our souls to spiritually win

So yes, though many will endure tragedy,
the heartache and suffering that ensues
What gloriously awaits us all outshines anything
in this world that someone might lose

His gift is life everlasting for those
whose faith endures through the tears they cry
To become like Jesus and be with God evermore
is the only answer to the question why

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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