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The Good Samaratin

by Brother Jacob © 2020

I was just a traveler, left for dead.
Beaten by robbers, and stripped of my clothing, down to the very last thread. As I raised my head, and I don't know why.
A priest looked at me, and just walked on by.
I looked a second time, and saw a Levite.
But he acted like, I was just dust in his sight.
A Samaritan came, and gave me a hand.
And I simply, can't understand.
The last person, that I would ever expect to help me.
A Samaritan, I do see.
After bounding my wounds, he took me to an inn.
That's where I became, well again.
If it wasn't for the Good Samaritan I wouldn't be alive today.
I hope to see him once again; for I have a debt, I must repay.

Scripture reference Luke 10:30-37

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