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"He Lives!"

by Edward Nickerson

I gazed upon a guarded Tomb,
Like I had never seen before.
As workman sealed a stone in place,
A huge stone blocked the door.
And soldiers there in uniform,
What matter could this be?
To put a guard on a dead man's Tomb
Didn't make much sense to me.

As I hid inside the tree line there,
Astonished look upon my face!
Was I even safe to view that scene,
As each soldier took their place.
The other tombs the doors slammed shut,
No need of a guarded defense.
To protect a tomb of the dead remains,
Did it really then make sense?

What could there be in a rock carved hole,
To need to guard that way,
To place a watch of soldiers then,
A sentinel both night and day.
A soldier standing each side the door,
Their backs against the Tomb.
And standing guard with stone cast face,
What were they expecting so soon?

The graveyard, oh, so still that day!
The tombs all washed and white.
To keep the Jews from walking near,
Yet keeping tombs within their sight.
I watched until the Sabbath done,
A new day now at my hand,
I stumbled on toward my home,
As darkness hid the land.

Next day! I go back to the place,
Where I had carefully left last night.
As darkness slowly creeps away,
Before morning turns to light.
The ground it shook as not before,
All soldiers were asleep.
No guards around an opened Tomb,
No one in there to keep.

An angel sent from heaven that day,
He rolled away that stone.
He says to Mary "you can look inside,"
For no one now is at home.

"Risen," as he said He would,
So "go tell to all His friends!"
And the story now passed on to you,
"He's risen!" Will never end!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.