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Surrounded by His Footprints

by Lanette

It would seem I have an invisible companion,
the One who holds me in the palm of His hand.
It appears I'm not making this journey alone.
Someone makes prints beside mine in the sand.

When I begin to gaze upon His footprint,
I have to wonder what size it will be.
Will it be the footprint of a giant,
or more the size of you and me?

Just what will I see as I look down?
Will His print be toe to toe with mine?
Or will there be times I cannot see both
because the prints appear to intertwine?

At times His footprints are in front of me
and He is gently taking the lead,
knowing that I'm feeling lost and confused
and that His guidance is what I most need.

And when my life seems to be going smoothly,
He steps beside me, setting the pace,
so I can maintain my rhythm and flow
as I attempt to run this earthly race.

When I am frozen in my tracks,
and find myself paralyzed with fright,
it is then He stands behind me.
His gentle nudge frees me from my plight.

There are times when my load is too heavy
and I feel I've reached the end of my rope.
Those are the times He's had to carry me
till I could find enough strength to cope.

When I glance around me in any direction,
I am certain that I will see
that I'm surrounded by His footprints.
For He will always be there with me.

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