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by Janette Lueveen

Friend, how quick you are to guess
And laugh at folks, along with the rest
But what if you switched shoes?
Whose pair would you choose?

Look at her hair; it's such a mess
Who'd wear such a shabby old dress?
Jesus said there would always be poor
What a good reason, to love them more

Not a bit of makeup on her face
Dowdy appearances are so out of place
Painted eyes water and burn
This, in your blindness, you'd never discern

He sits in the corner, never says a word
Crushed by belittling words he's heard
A friendly greeting and a gentle smile
Would do so much to make life worthwhile

His life is wasted, such a disaster
Not a single thing was he able to master
The upright suffer hardships, life's often unfair
While evil continues without a solitary care

Dumber than dirt, some people say
Yet he never fails to kneel and pray
Yes, some are smarter than all the rest
But our lack of pity, God will surely test

Some are too tall, and a few too small
Others too fat, or don't matter at all
Encourage the quiet, patience with the loud
Soften your heart, and don't be so proud

If you have been blessed, by God above
Your conduct should convey, His grace and His love
Ponder all that you would lose
If God put you in someone else's shoes

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.