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A Poem on Psalm 46

by Kevin Smead © 2020

God is a refuge, strong and always true;
There to protect, and help in all we do.
When troubles come, and crashes on the shore;
He will uphold, and that forevermore.

No need to fear, if even earth shall fail.
Our life in Christ is hid beyond the veil.
If the mountains fall into the sea,
The waves may roar, but hope shall never flee.

There is a river, making glad the hearts,
Of God's people, joy that faith imparts.
For God is there, his help is never late;
Though heathens rage, His love does not abate.

Heavens forces wait at His command;
The God of Jacob, in His love we stand.
Through desolation, sorrow, joy or myrth,
His plans shall be unveiled upon this earth.

Patience is a virtue, patience waits,
In silence useless worry dissipates.
Our God shall be exalted in the earth,
All the world shall see His splendid worth.

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